The Dallas Urban Supports – #IAMDEANNASVOICE

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The last time Deanna Cook’s voice was heard was on the heart wrenching 9-1-1
recording as she was pleading for her life on August 17, 2012.  While her voice was forever silenced on that day, her family has turned that painful experience into something purposeful by creating an organization designed to be the voice for those who are now voiceless as a result of domestic violence.  Deanna’s Voice, a non-profit advocacy organization, was created to not only be the voice of Deanna but the voice of others who were affected by acts of physical violence.   We, at The Dallas Urban, stand in support of Deanna’s Voice, and their mission to raise awareness and to bring education regarding Domestic Violence and its harmful effects on our community.   Stand with us as we stand with Deanna’s family and the organization, Deanna’s Voice, and other victims of Domestic Violence as the trial for Deanna’s murder begins on Monday, May 18, 2015.

Starting Sunday, May 17, 2015 speak for Deanna and other victims by uploading a photo of you on your social media pages with the caption #iamdeannasvoice and tape (preferably purple which is the color for domestic violence awareness) covering your mouth to represent how Deanna’s voice was silenced by her abuser and how we, the community, are making a contribution to put an end to such horrible acts of crime.  Let’s try and make Deanna Cook the last person to be silenced by acts of abuse and violence.


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Author: Karletha Gundy