Ex-husband found guilty in murder of Deanna Cook

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A Dallas County jury found Delvecchio Patrick guilty Friday of murdering his ex-wife in 2012 as she was on the line with a Dallas police 911 operator.It took the jury about three hours and 20 minutes to reach a unanimous verdict. The punishment phase of the trial will begin Tuesday morning. He faces up to life in prison. Patrick showed no reaction as the verdict was read. Deanna Cook’s mother, Vickie, walking out of the courtroom saying “thank you Jesus” over and over Jury convicts Patrick of Deanna Cook’s murder. The 2012 911 call lasted nine-and-a-half minutes. Dallas police didn’t get to her home until nearly an hour after the call was made because the operator didn’t make it a top priority, then after officers arrived, they left when the received no answer at Cook’s residence.

After no one had heard from Deanna Cook for two days, her mother, sister and two daughters went looking for her. The kicked down the door and found her drowned in her bathtub. The trial began Monday with Deanna Cook’s mother, Vickie Cook, taking the stand and emotionally describing the day she found her daughter’s body.

Patrick’s attorneys tried to prove to show that Cook was aggressive and often instigated fights between the couple, and that she was hooked on drugs. They brought in a forensic psychologist who did a psychological autopsy on Cook by looking at everything from medical records to police reports.


Attorneys use victim’s past as defense in Cook trial. Prosecutors kept coming back to the 911 tape made by Cook as she was being murdered and names Patrick as her attacker. They said the tape doesn’t lie.


Author: Karletha Gundy