Deanna’s Voice Foundation has identified three (3) principal areas of focus where your donations are needed.

  •   Education/Public Awareness

Enlightening the public and abuse victims about what domestic abuse is, who it affects, and how to break the cycle is critical.  Donations allow volunteers and officers to reach out to the public about the importance of eradicating domestic violence and the importance of a well-trained, well managed 9-1-1 center and the devastating consequences of 9-1-1 system failures.   Funding allows officers and volunteers  to reach the public at large through printed publications, speaking engagements, educational seminars, video productions, Public Service Announcements, and covers expenses to local and national conferences.

  • Training and Professional Development

Donations allow our officers, trainers, volunteers and others to pay for training and certification expenses.   It will also be used for continuing education expenses as well as encouraging and facilitating personnel to attend professional development conferences and events.

  • Scholarship Assistance to Children of Victims of Domestic Violence

Every year, more than 3 million children witness domestic violence in their homes. This often has demoralizing consequences on the families, especially where deaths occur from the violence. Where possible, donations to this Fund can be used to provide educational funding for surviving children of domestic violence victims to pay for school tuition and miscellaneous accompanying expenses. Scholarships will be awarded by the Board based on financial need, without regard to gender, race, or sexual orientation.