CNN Reports: Improper 911 call response leads to woman's murder, sisters want answers

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Improper 911 call response leads to woman’s murder, sisters want answers

Police officers are under intense criticism in Dallas tonight after a woman appears to have been murdered in her home while on the phone with a 911 operator, begging for police to come help her.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Deanna Cook called 911 at about 10:55AM last Friday to say she needed help. The call lasted 11 minutes, but it’s what happened next that’s caused so much outrage: police weren’t dispatched until more than 30 minutes later.

So while the call was classified as urgent, it wasn’t given the highest priority, and so police officers didn’t arrive at Cook’s house until almost 50 minutes after the call was initially placed, according to the newspaper.

Officers checked the outside of the house and spoke to neighbors, but found no signs of foul play and left. Two days later, Deanna Cook was found dead in her bath tub by her sister Karletha Cook-Gundy, who comes OutFront tonight with her other sister Valecia Battle.

Source : CNN

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