!st Voice Program

The First-Voice Program


Domestic Violence affects more than 12 million men and women each year. The affects of domestic violence are devastating and can leave family and friends in a place of confusion and concern.  Although not directly affected, indirect victims of domestic violence still have financial hardships and emotional stress to endure.


The Program

The 1st voice program provides initial funds, from $500-$1,00 to the direct and in-direct victims of domestic violence. Many victims who want to leave their immediate situation lack the resources necessary to allow them not to return to the same home in which they are a victim. Many children are left with distant families who’s lives are affected by circumstances outside of their control. With proper resources available to assist in relocating, victims and their children may be able to have shelter, clothes, or food to assist in their transition. With a little love and attention, a child having to witness domestic violence may have some comfort after experiencing such traumatic events.


The First-Voice program will be used to help and assist with:

Clothing for children of deceased victims of domestic violence

Food to assist in-direct victims of domestic violence

Transitional services to shelter or safe haven



For information on how to support this program, please visit our donations page.